The 7 Alternative Family Activities For Leisure Time During At Home

The 7 Alternative Family Activities For Leisure Time During At Home. Working from home, studying from home and so many activities that we usually do outside, must be done from home. What a surprise, the house, which is usually "only" busy in the morning and evening, suddenly became the center of the whole family's activities.

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, Many activities have had to be reorganized and social interaction have been limited since the Covid-19 pandemic to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Children also feel different sensations. All routines related to school and college must be carried out at home, carrying out “mandatory” activities only from home, followed by a series of routine activities at home: cleaning the house and various kinds of household chores and trying to be productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing various routine activities at home, rarely traveling for long periods of time, leaving the house only as needed, we vaguely start to feel bored because most of the time at home. They began to express their longing to go around, just like before the pandemic. It cannot be deny if the child starts to feel bored every day at home, which can trigger stress.

 The 7 Alternative Family Activities For Leisure Time During At Home 
Therefore, ice breaking activities are needed so that the boredom that arises does not accumulate into stress. Some of the following activities can be an alternative to fill your spare time and hopefully become an ice breaking that can get rid of boredom while at home. 

Here are the 7 Alternative Family Activities For Leisure Time During At Home:

  • Take a light picnic by enjoying the beauty of the atmosphere (nature) around the house. This activity is considered the easiest and cheapest thing to do, but it can raise a good mood. It is enough to visit the rice fields that spread green or yellowish rice plants when the harvest season arrives, the sensation of leisure time is not inferior to traveling to Raja Ampat Island
  • Explore new hobbies such as growing flowers and various ornamental plants. Or keep freshwater ornamental fish such as betta fish, koi fish, louhan fish, molly fish, guppy fish or other types of freshwater ornamental fish that are not difficult to care for because they are types of freshwater fish that do not die easily.
  • Learn to make cake, pizza, cake, or other types of simple cakes. When at home, you like snacking and your appetite increases, right? Therefore, the choice of making various types of cakes can be an activity that has two benefits, namely utilizing free time productively and also producing food stocks for us. Even though most of the results are not what we expected, we have had a lot of fun together because of the mutual cooperation process. We learned a lot and found out tricks and tips on how to test failure-safe recipes.
  • Sorting clothes that no longer fit anymore. Dress-sorting sessions are a really fun and enjoyable alternative. Unpacking the contents of the wardrobe, sorting out which clothes do not fit. Usually, when sorting through, scenes of haggling between brothers and sisters will appear. Actually this is one of the best moments to build bonds between siblings.
  • Facial skin care at home. The idea to do this facial treatment initially arose because the youngest who entered puberty had acne syndrome on his face. Imagine, a man who doesn't care about appearance but two sisters is the type of woman who really cares about appearance. Then the eldest daughter provoked her younger sister to buy anti-acne products, one of which was a face mask. It's so funny, every time I see a boy with a mask on his face. The atmosphere around us is getting more exciting. Hehehehe… ..
  • Redecorating a room or family room can be a choice of activities with children that are guaranteed to provide a lot of fun. Changing interior paint colors is one of the easiest and cheapest ways when compared to completely renovating the shape and layout or adding new furniture. Changing the color of the walls will bring a new dimension into the room, it offers a significant effect on your mood, feelings at home or even on your psychology.
  • Playing free online games. What is no less fun to reduce boredom at home is to playing online games that are very popular with children and adults. Every adult still has a childish side, and one thing that is presented by almost all ages is doing fun activities, even if only to accompany children.

I am sure there are many activities to reduce stress and to enjoy all the time at home, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. The 7 Alternative Family Activities for Free Time at Home that I mentioned above are only part of it. Of course, there are still many other exciting and interesting activities that bring excitement to every family.

Playing online games with parents is one of the activities that we can enjoy. Especially nowadays getting many types of online games available, we only need to filter and choose the best educational games that are not addictive or choose games that can be played with the whole of family.

In simple terms, I think a good game will be the right game for how old you are. We just need to choose quality and useful games, do limit reasonable time online. Then let's look at the benefits of playing online games for kids, also for us as parents and adults.

Like or not, the digital era can't possibly separate children from playing online games, this is an integral part of the growth in the digital era. Parents should engage and spend time with children when they play online games. Although it could be that playing the game is against their nature. This is a wise way for parents who regularly engage with children's online activities to accompany them to minimize the effects of addiction and find out who their child is playing online with.

From that point of view, all activities can be beneficial and have a positive impact, as long as they are used wisely and apply a fairness standard (not excessive). By minimizing the negative effects of playing online games, hopefully we get good benefits from playing online games to fill our spare time, relieve stress / relax, enjoy quality time with family by playing online games?

 The 7 Criteria For Favorite Free Online Family Games 

So if our intention and goal is to play games in our spare time, one of the platforms that provides free games can be a favorite choice with the following considerations:
  1. Completely free game, no need to pay even if you level up.
  2. Game design that is easy to understand and play, fun and not addictive
  3. We don't need to download an application to play
  4. We don't need to register or create a user account
  5. There are no advertisements on this site, so we can focus on playing without being distracted by advertisements.
  6. We can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhone, Google Android powered phones from manufacturers like Samsung, tablets like iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows powered desktop computers.
  7. All game files are stored locally in the web browser cache and the game can work on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers. This is truly extraordinary, isn't it ?
The more special from this Free Games platform "only" uses tracking service ( instrument ) CLICKY, a web analytics tool. The results of the web analysis obtained will be used to determine which types of games are popular and track the overall health of the website. For certain games or game categories that are very popular and have high traffic, this will be the basis for developing other (new) games related to that type of game.

 My opinion about Free Games at the 

Well, here is my opinion after I tried some free games from plays dot org. Currently there are more than 150 games available and every day a new game is published, at least 1 or 2 additional games. Accessing it is very easy, just by clicking on the "free games" on the top header, automatically linked to the new free games menu every day. 
We can also find a catalog of online game menus in the footer section of the site, there is a category - based navigation for the available game collections. No need to worry about how to use this game because in each type of game there are clear and easy instructions for playing it, including the strategy.
Free Game Catalog 

So far, I have tried some of the game menus available on the dot org game. One of them is TypeShift game. TypeShift has 50-level word spelling puzzle game where players move letter tiles up and down to spell a word.

TypeShift is like a puzzle game, so we are asked to arrange the available letters to form the right word, marked with a blue box. Although this game is actually for children, it is also suitable for those of us who want to enrich English vocabulary. 
Beside the TypeShift game, I also enjoy playing ball in the cup which is very fun for refreshing. And for those who want to motivate their children to love math, you can try the MATH GAMES category. 
This game for learning, which contains a variety of math-based games, can be a fun learning tool for teaching children about correct math concepts. With this game you can also avoid math fears from the start, helping children learn math naturally through fun play activities.

TypeShift of Free Games
Overall, is a great Free Games platform for kids, adults, and anyone who wants to spend more time on challenges. We can find many interesting free game items because this website has a very large variety of games, as well as various game categories to choose. 
For any one who still curious about other games on the platform, feel free to explore other games, and discover the beauty of playing online games designed for all ages and available for free.

Well, does anyone still curious about "What are the advantages of playing online games"? Or there are any request kind  game? No worry, just please comment or leave your feedback on that website. Who knows your dream of game online will come true ?

Ririe Khayan

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  1. I'm unfamiliar with I appreciate if this is a fun way to spend quality fun time with our family. Especially if you don't need to download any app to play. So, games don't take up so much space on my phone.

    1. Sure, you should try this app Mbak. There are so many types of free games. JUst try it, then you gonna love it

  2. Wah ternyata ada ya situs games yg ga perlu instal/ donlot
    anak2 jadi punya alternatif situs games yg cihuy nih mba

  3. Lebih enak ya, klo main game gak perlu install aplikasi di hape, gak boros memory deh

  4. NAh akan lebih menyenangkan kalo facial sambil main games yaa, ehhh.
    Aku suka gaptek kalo soal games, tapi nyaman banget nih ada situs2 games yang ga perlu didonlot.
    Tak kabarin ponakan2 laki2 yang demen ngegames.

  5. so we do have a lot of choices to relax at home while doing activities that the kids enjoy yaa

  6. I usually playing games about 30 minutes, everyday. I feel fresh after that. It can help too when i feel hard to sleep. Just play game then in 15 minutes i feel asleep and...sleep then.

  7. Main game tanpa perlu instal aplikasi ini lebih hemat memory, dan bila kita menjalankan program/aplikasi lainnya, jadi lebih ringan. Anakku juga memainkan beberapa game yang tidak perlu download segala :D

  8. Usually me and kids try some recipe to waste our time. Then playing board game until bed time.
    Maybe next time I can playing games at with my child. thank you for sharing! :)

  9. Manyak sih aktivitas yang bisa dilakukan saat di rumah. Salah satunya pastinya online games. Apalagi kami memang suka nge-games. Jadi seru deh kalau bisa main bareng

  10. dan aku sudah menerapkan ke 7 tips ini selama pandemi, karena memang saya yang masih belum kemana-mana dan lebih memilih tetap di rumah mencari kegiatan yang bikin semua happy.

  11. Baru tahu tentang situs ini, Mbak Rie ... kalau ketahuan anakku, bisa nongkrong di sini dia :D
    Btw, game TypeShift asyik ya kelihatannya.

  12. Main game online emang salah satu yg bisa bikin betah di rumah selama Pandemi. Baru tau ada situs game online yg ga perlu instal aplikasinya. Seru nih dimainin bareng anak asal kita awasi aja ya biar ga kebablasan..

  13. Komplit banget ya jenis gamenya, nggak cuma buat kesenangan, tapi banyak yang bisa buat pembelajaran juga. Asyiknya lagi nggak perlu di download jadi nggak makan memory hp

  14. Sukaaa...
    Aku suka main games yang gak pake thrilling nyawa mendadak hilang atau kejer-kejeran sama musuh.
    Uda jiper duluan kalau gamesnya model beginian. Ini games paling nyaman, kaya tetris, dkk.

    1. Aktivitas bersama keluarga dan anak-anak ini jadi refreshing tersendiri yaa..
      Walau di rumah 24/7 selalu bersama, tapi dengan ide-ide kreatif, kita bisa tetap happy kok..

  15. Aku dan suami termasuk juga paling sering main game bareng anak-anak. Kebetulan kita punya game online yang selalu kami mainin bareng.

  16. Kalau aku paling di rumah aja. Mau jalan-jalan nyari sawah susah nemunya. Jadi inget udah lama ga dekor ulang kamar. Kayaknya seru walau beres-beresinnya lumayan menguji ketabahan

  17. hmm ternyata banyak ya mbak, aktivitas yang bisa dilakukan bersama anak saat di rumah saja.
    dengan aktivitas aktivitas tersebut, anak akan tetap hepi meski nggak keluar rumah

  18. Udah lama banget ya mba twrnyata aku ga bewe ke sini. Apa kabar mba? Semoga selalu sehat ya mba...

  19. Pandemi gini bnyak hikmahnya juga mba.. Aku jadi rajin bikin makanan ringan buat anak2 sering2 lihat buku resep utk mngisi kegiatan di rumah aja

    Dan tambah koleksi tanaman.. semoga pa demi cpt berakhir y

  20. Dari ke-7 aktivitas di atas, aku sama anak-anak senengnya masak nih. Jadinya gak heran deh kita jadi pada chubby nih :D

  21. belum pernah main di plays ini ternyata pilihannya banyak ya
    bisa ga bosen di rumah aja main secara kadang mati gaya sama anak-anak mau ngapain main apa di rumah saja

  22. Ya ampun banyak banget itu koleksi gamenya. Anak saya demen banget tuh main game, eh saya juga sih. Bagus sih untuk jadi aktivitas yang bisa bikin rileks di rumah, asal gak lupa waktu aja.

  23. I haven't tried but it's nice idea for me and my kid. Sometimes he wants to play online games but I still give a time limit for him because he is still 6 years old. Is there any games in Plays that suitable for kindergarten?

  24. Surely i will try after reading this. It's sound like a fun game!

  25. Sama nih dengan yang dilakukan anak2 selama di rumah aja. Berkebun bareng emak. Bkin kue. Dan ngegame. Mereka biasanya download game masih dari playstore biasa mba. Thanks ya rekomendasi nya

  26. Aku belum coba web ituu, coba ah

  27. I love playing free online games :D it is so fuuuun!

  28. selama di rumah aja, aku paling demen masak memasak sih mba.
    uprek2 resep, cobain satu2

  29. Learn to make cake, pizza, cake, or other types of simple cakes

    ini nih yang paling aku suka, kebetulan ankku juga suka diajakin masak

  30. Wah serunya ada website untuk bermain game gratis. Dulu aku juga suka tuh main game gratis di situs gitu, tapi lupa namanya apa karena itu pas SMP banget.
    Banyak game2 seru dan edukatif, yang penting anak2 tetep happy, tapi masih dalam batas pemgawasan orangtua ya mbak

  31. Gimnya edukatif ya. Ga sekadardar der dor. Makanya bisa dimainkan bersama saat family time. Tebak kata bahasa Inggris gini bisa bantu anak mempelajari bahasa dengan cepat.

  32. Selama pandemi, kegiatan keluarga saya selama di rumah jadi senang bertanam sayuran hidroponik. Nah untuk anak lelaki saya, dia senang main game juga.

  33. Mba ririe, ampun english sih. Ajarin ah
    aku karena belum ada anak, ya sama suami aaja nih mainnya hehehe

  34. Sebagian aktivitas di atas juga aku lakukan di rumah bareng anak-anak, Mbak. Paling sering ya masak-masak sama perawatan tubuh. Hihi.
    Btw yang suka main game anakku, sih. Kalau aku gak ngerti, huhu.
    So baru tahu juga soal Plays dot org. Makasih sharingnya, Mbak :)

  35. Makasih banget nih mbak tips dan rekomen gamesnya. Kadang bingung juga kalau pas kehabisan ide main di rumah bersama anak. Sesekali memang saya berikan gadged dengan batas waktu tertentu agar tidak terlalu bosan

  36. Bisa dilist nih apa aja kegiatan sama anak saat dirumah aja.. wah ini baru yaa game tanpa perlu install lagi langsung aja gitu pasti seru bgt ya kak

  37. Sebagain aktivitas di list di atas juga kami lakukan mulai dari bercocok tanam, bikin kue bareng anak, sortir baju yang sudah jarang dipakai atau nggak muat hingga bermain game. Nah anak-anak game-nya tuh harus diinstal jadi suka memakan memory, kayaknya perlu nyoba deh game di ini

  38. Asikkk jadi tau nih situs game yang ga perlu download aplikasinya soale kalau download gitu penuhin memori Hp huhuhu.


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