The 5 Causes of Weight Gain During Pandemic and How to Achieve Ideal Weight

The 5 Causes of Weight Gain During pandemic and How to Achieve Ideal Weight.  The Covid-19 Pandemic situation has "forced" everyone around the world  to adapt with new habit patterns. We should choose to spend more time at home, to prevent and reduce the  exposure to Coronavirus, less mobility and avoid crowding. in essentially every one was recommended Remote working, learning, and all activities are done from home as many as possible.

Worksheets, organizational activities, school and college activities are also conducted through an online system. In addition to impacting work patterns, the coronavirus pandemic also makes many people experience weight gain. Including me and my family. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, my weight has gain up to 2 kg. So did our eldest children. Her weight increased by about 3 kg


Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim Since the COVID-19 pandemic which is changing people's lifestyles. More time at home does have many good benefits, apart from preventing exposure to the corona virus, we can spend more  time by exploring business ideas and potential that have been hidden. There are chance to find new passion as hobby and others profitable desires to increase family income.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people's lifestyles.  Similarly, with the diet that changed significantly during the Corona pandemic, weight gain  gradually and only we realized when the weight gain has passed the obesity threshold. 
Recent research show that two out of three adults struggle against weight gain during the quarantine period during the coronavirus pandemic. The impacts of COVID-19 on health habits, eating, exercise, weight management.

As we knew that Obesity is a common comorbidity of other potential risk factors for severe diseases due to COVID-19, such as diabetes, lung disease, and heart disease. A scientific study suggests that people with a history of obesity, hypertension, chronic lung disease, diabetes, and heart disease may have the worst prognosis of COVID-19.

 The 5 Causes of Weight Gain During the COVID-19   Pandemic  

More time at home and doing various activities centered from home, has a linear relationship with the tendency to improve the consumption patterns of food and beverages. Here are the 5 Main Causes of Weight Gain During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Snacking is NEW friend in the New Normal

If previously we were among workmates or schoolmates who could distract us from the temptation of eating and drinking, then the opposite condition occurs when we are more at home. If there are usually many friends around us who can be invited to share opinions, chat casually or chat, then when at home the "best" friends who are near us are food, snacks. 

Whatever the activity along at home, usually side by side and accompanied by snacks, food and drinks (rich of sugar).

2. Reduced Physical Activity and Workout Habits 

Irregular changes in the schedule of activities, closure of fitness centers and Recreation areas, restrictions on mobility, surely have an impact on physical activity. At the same time, amount of food that we are consumed every day tends to be the same. It has meaning that the food intake  is not comparable with physic activity, no wonder so many people complain of gaining weight during a pandemic. 

If previously, the morning routine began with jogging or cycling ang the ends of the day by stopping to the gym, it's no longer anymore. So, slowly but sure weight gain due to more frequent stay at home, less moving and decreased exercise habits, while the portion of eating tends to be the same as during normal activities.

3. Using free time to play games, watch movies, or browsing on social media

School closing and remote learning have led to young children being more sedentary during the lesson conducting. After that, they take leisure time to look at smartphones or watch tv will be spent more than usual. They also tend to spend time by playing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line TikTok and etc, some are more interested in playing online games or watching movies from smartphone or laptop.

Even though children, adolescents or adults who spend a lot of time playing video games, spending time by watching film or do browsing for many hours  tend to have a higher risk of obesity. How it can be?  

Apart from the lack of movement due to most games or watching movies while sitting relaxed for a long time ( 2-3 hours, even longer) so that it does not exert much energy, it is still exacerbated by the habit of snacking while playing games. The worst thing from  the snack that they consume are also high calories, sugar and fat.

4. Plenty od Discount, promos and cashback from ready-to-deliver culinary 

On the other hand, Pandemic also changed the way of doing business, adapting and changing strategies with a series of promotions, providing discounts, cashback to shipping services. Plentiful of promo culinary, discount and cashback become an attraction in itself. This could be the reason we originally bought food so we could share the online motorcycle taxis that had delivered our food.
This could be the reason we originally bought food so we could share the online motorcycle taxis that had delivered our food. Then we buy other food online because we are tempted by the promos offered, then become loyal customers and regularly order the preferred culinary menu.
As a result, body weight increases significantly because the selected food menu does not pay attention to the balance of nutrients the body needs. The concept of a healthy eating menu and balanced nutrition is still shifting towards a menu that is high in carbohydrates, rich in fat and contains lots of sugar (sweet).

 5. Boredom Or Stressed 

Boredom and or stress have many triggers, one of which is when someone who is usually outside activities changes to being more at home.

Stress about health problems, financial and other problems that arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to contribute to stress. This added stress can change our eating behavior and lead to weight gain. People are likely to "stress" usually become higher consumption of foods, including fast food.  Stress can also make people feel less motivated to workout.

The Increased unstructured schedule, closure of gyms and recreation centers, restrictions on movement, and the immense pressure of a pandemic is likely to affect people's sleep patterns, eating habits and levels of physical exercise, which can contribute to weight gain.

Obese people has higher risk of developing severe disease from COVID-19. metabolic disorders due to obesity contribute to the negative outcome.

 How to Achieve Ideal Weight Again? 

Must adapt in the midst of a lockdown situation in a timely manner to change the daily routine that has been set. There is no certainty when the hard times of Covid-19 will end, at mean while the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine takes a long time.

Everyone has to anticipate so they don't get caught up in the phenomenon of Quarantine 15. Quarantine 15 is a term that refers to weight gain of 15 pounds or 6.8 kilograms. How to lose weight during quarantine Generally, the most effective weight loss methods are a healthy diet and adequate exercise. Some of the following tips below can help you lose weight:
  •  Let's do various exercises in or around the house 
Yoga, body weight training, or just a walk around the house. Can also try online exercise programs, in addition to being more flexible, also cheaper than the gym there is even a free one. There are many variations to choose from, which may suit a person's preferred activity and health goals. 
Research shows that using an online app or program to exercise can help people overcome obstacles such as lack of time, facilities, or pleasure. 
  •  Create an interesting new activity with children 
Create an interesting new activity with children to reduce their portion of mager (relax watching drakor or playing games while snacking never ending). 

Cycling with the family at least once a week, utilizing empty land to grow a new hobby of planting various ornamental plants, or other activities that can make us move and expend energy and divert the temptation to intermittently eat.
  •  Trying to prioritize the balance of food nutrition 
Even though it's tempting to enjoy a delicious or soothing meal, it's better to choose a culinary menu that is rich in high-quality fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and protein ..
Slowly we can reduce foods high in salt, sugar, saturated fats, and trans fats, such as salty foods, fried foods, junk food.
  •  Developing a new daily routine to keep things normal 
Developing a new daily routine to keep things normal during covid-19 pandemic. This can involve scheduling regular times to wake up, eat, exercise, and sleep. People can also plan their meals and set aside time to prepare meals.

It's also important to establish a regular sleep routine and get adequate rest. Evidence suggests a link between obesity and lack of sleep. Setting aside regular time for daily exercise can also help people maintain regular physical activity.
  •  Using a health and fitness calculator to monitor weight gain 
Using a Health and Fitness Calculators application. Health and Fitness Calculator can be an effective tool so that we can design more targeted strategies to lose weight and maintain a weight chart in ideal conditions.

Although body weight cannot be used as an ideal benchmark, paying attention to weight gain is a surefire way not to get fat. Knowing the ideal body weight can be done by knowing the body mass index, which is often known as BMI or Body Mass Index. To calculate BMI more precisely, we can use a health calculator.

In today's digital era, there are many Health calculator applications that can be used for free with a variety of features. One of the recommended Health Calculators is the Health & Fitness Calculator.

Health and Fitness Calculators 

Health calculator is one of the easy and quick ways to determine if our weight is normal, less, or excess. As we know that the BMI calculator will be very useful to tell how much actual weight. Later, the BMI value of the calculation of this calculator is compared to the table of weight categories, whether our bodies are thin, normal or even overweight or obese.
Doing weight calculation with BMI Calculator can indeed be a solution to quickly find out the actual weight we have. Nevertheless, whatever the result makes it a motivation so that we can improve it so that the weight returns to normal. 
How to use this health calculator is fairly easy.  For example, I calculate my BMI. The data that needs to be entered is weight and height, just choose to use IMPERIAL or METRIC units, then click CALCULTE.  BMI results instantly appear in the table below.  Here are the results of my BMI calculation using Metric calculations:
Performance of BMI Calculator

If we want to know how much weight we have to lose to achieve the norm weight condition, we can directly select the Weight Loss feature. To calculate weight loss, the required data is: 
  • Health basic: Gender, Age, Height, 
  • Condotion and Activity: Weight, Daily Activity and Body Fat% (optional)
  • Your Goals: Want to lose or gain weight (please check your ideal weight first)
  • Time (duration) to achieve goal
Let's have a look below for an example of How to Use this health calculator app.

Performance of Weight Lose Calculator

The results of weight loss calculations can be saved in the form of a link, making it easier for us to access them at any time. By saving our calculations, help us for quick reference by emailing this link or sharing it on social media. Here is the link to my weight loss calculation:

Beside  the calculation results that we can save in the form of a link, we also get a Weight Loss Plan.

Weight Loss Plan ( based on the result of weight lose calculator )

To calculate weight loss, we must first know the Ideal Body Weight, like the calculation below: 

Performance How to use Ideal Weight Calculator

How to calculate Ideal Body Weight is also quite practical, we just need to enter the basic health data: gender, age, height and the value of result of calculating Ideal Body Weight in the form of data on Ideal Body Weight (IBW), the value of % compared to our IBW and how much should be Adjusted body weight (ABW).

For summary, here are of the advantages of this Health Calculator application:

  • Quite simple, easy to understand, user friendly and of course this application is totally FREE.
  • High flexibility and will not waste time or effort because it can be done through a smartphone and other devices at anytime and anywhere.

  • Not only that, we can also get a variety of information to tips and tricks how to normalize weight. There are suggestions or actions follow up step to achieve ideal body based on the calculation results (according to the condition of each person who uses this health calculator).
  • In addition to the BMI and Weight Loss calculation features that I tried above, there are many other menus that we can use. In generally, there are 3 sub menus in this health calculator that we can use, namely: FITNESS Menu, Health Risks and Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • health-and-fitness-calculators
     3 sub menus in this health calculator: FITNESS, Health Risks 
    and Health Savings Account (HSA)
Having an ideal and healthy weight is certainly the desire of almost everyone. Not only for the reason of appearance, keeping an ideal weight is also important to maintain the health of the body. 
People who are underweight or overweight are known to be more susceptible to various health problems, such as malnutrition, weakened immune system, to heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, we need to monitor the weight regularly.

Well, Wanna know more about this health and fitness calculator ? Having curious to know your BMI? Want to know what is the ideal weight or how much weight loss to be conduct ? Well, just feel free to calculate it using Health &Fitness Calculators.


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  18. I'm quite the opposite..i lost 12 kg during this pandemic. I have heart issue since i was born and during pandemic it went worse so I must maintained my diet, Alhamdulillah i lost a few kgs and feel better. Since i can't go swimming in pandemic.. my choice of sport is yoga! 😃 Semoga kita selalu diberikan kesehatan ya mba

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  31. I do agree that discount, cashback, promo from the online delivery play some role on my weight gain. Hahaha.
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  34. I've been dealing with gain weight since I was a kid and yes I'm still struggling to lose some. This pandemic moment, especially, it's been very challenging to keep up being active most of the time because of the isolation and WFH stuff. I'll try to use the feature of Health & Fitness Calculators to help me then :D

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