Have a desire to buy a dream house? But not enough funds? Let's make a plan with this Mortgage Calculator

Home sweet home, surely everyone expects to have a comfortable place to live with their beloved family. However, the selling price of houses is getting more and more expensive over time, the price has soared beyond the purchasing capability of the general public. 

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim Primary needs which increased significantly, such as fuel oil,  all need also more expensive in the same period.  The decrease in the exchange rate of the currency against the dollar exchange rate also has an impact on the prices of economic goods. We need to make a strategy on how to manage family finances.

Then the prices of any stuff are also increasing and out of being reached to own a house in cash. At meanwhile, we can’t pretend just okay even when we can’t buy a house yet.

Because buying a house is a basic necessity.  a possible option to be able to have a comfortable place to live for our beloved family is to buy a house on a subsidized basis or through a monthly installment system.

Obtaining financing through subsidized houses will certainly not be rejected. The reason is in addition to the very low price offered, the promotion provided through the subsidized such as Home Ownership Credit ( In Indonesia it's called KPR ) program is also quite tempting. Such as the interest rate paid up to full can reach up to 0%. Of course, this will be much different if you buy a house with normal or non-subsidized KPR facilities.

Regarding the article from Forbes that explains how much down payment we have to prepare to buy a house, one of the factors we must determine is How much down payment should we make.  

IF we can’t buy cash, there are still so many possible options for being able to buy a comfortable place to live with our beloved family. One of them is to buy a house on a subsidized If we can't afford to buy a house in cash for a basis or through a monthly installment system.

Moreover in this pandemic situation right now, there so much cash out during pandemic, and at the same time (perhaps) income has no so fluently like before. The current crisis conditions make us aware of the importance of making calculations, especially in terms of calculations for buying your dream house.

Everyone has a dream to buy a house, no one can deny it. But what IF we don't have enough funds yet? Then we can make a plan with this calculator.

Yesss, we knew that there are many mortgage calculators, and one of them is MortgageCalculators.info. If we can’t afford to buy a house in cash, I think It's good for us to make plans and calculations using this calculator application.

Does anyone know about this calculator? 
For your information, this calculator obviously has a simple design that we can use according to based on our finances at present. 
Let's figure out the following menu of this calculator to find the one sub-menu that proper for our needs. There are three subtitles in this application of Calculator Mortgage :
  1. PAY EXTRA (extra payment): Bi-weekly Payments, Real APR, Money Saving Resources.
  2. QUALIFICATION (Required Income): Minimum Income Requirement, Debt to Income Ratio, Home Loan Limit, and Advance Calculator
  3. PAYMENTS (Monthly Payments): Refinancing, Adjustable Rates, Interest Only Loans, Discount Points, and Tax Savings Calculator
Well, back to the topic of how to buy a house BUT our money is not sufficient yet. After seeing the submenu in Mortgage Calculator, I was interested in trying the sub menu Minimum Income Requirement.

To use this calculator, I make the following assumptions:
  1. Home Price ( based on the general type of house around me): $ 35000 
  2. Down Payment (10%) = $ 3500 
  3. Term of the Loan = 10 years
  4. PMI = 0.5%
  5. Annual Interest Rate: 4.5%
  6. Annual Real Estate Taxes = 10% ($350)
  7. Homeowner's Insurance = $1000 
  8. Vehicle Payments = $75
  9. Student Loan Payments = $450
  10. Other Monthly Debt Payments = $200
  11. Debt to Income Ratios = default application (28% front-end ratio and 36% back-end)

After I have entered all these components into the mortgage calculator, the next step is to click the CALCULATE button. This is a fairly simple way to find out how much annual salary we will need.
So we can continue to develop strategies for managing family finances so that the dream house becomes a reality.
Once again, by using this mortgage calculator application, besides this tool are FREE to see the minimum income needed, we can also immediately see the local mortgage rates that are displayed below the calculator.
Buying a house is one of the biggest staples that almost everyone does for life.
It is a fact that most home purchases use loan funds. And generally, the repayment of these loans requires a long period of time, obviously, commitment and financial stability are needed. With this in mind, mortgage lenders can have guaranteed to make loans by looking at your creditworthiness to ensure you can make regular payments.

So, I hope you can use this mortgage calculator to provide how we can estimate the annual income needed to buy a house for a certain amount.

Ririe Khayan

Assalamulaikum. Hi I am Ririe Khayan a Lifestyle Blogger and live in Jogya. I’m the Author Of Kidung Kinanthi, a Personal Blog about my random thought, parenting, traveling, lifestyle, & other activity as well as Personal & Working Mom Story. Kindly feel free to contact me at: ririekhayan(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Replies
    1. Sama-sama Pak Ferry, ma kasiih ya sdh berkenan mampir ke blog ini

  2. Perencanaan dalam membangun hunian idaman memang perlu pemikiran matang. Senang dengan hadirnya kalkulator KPR, sehingga bisa ketahuan dana yang dibutuhkan berapa

    1. Dengan hitungan ini, setidaknya kita bisa mendapatkan forecast financial jika ingin membeli rumah, dan bisa punya pertimbangan tambahan saat mengambil keputusan soal sistem pembelian rumah idaman

  3. Nice info mbak.
    N tq for sharing ya...
    Baru tau kl ada kalkulator perumahan hehe

    1. Sama Kak, saya juga akhirnya kini tahu kalau ada aplikasi kalkulator hipotek ini

  4. Memilih rumah emang ngga sesederhana pilih makanan ya?
    Perlu pertimbangan matang, salah satunya dengan bantuan
    kalkulator perumahan

  5. What a nice yet great article.

    Our personal policy and self assesment skill will lead us to a better life. Using this favorable mortgage calculator shall support us in managing our financial capabilities.

  6. setuju sekali mbak, pilih rumah nggak bisa sembarangan. perlu di perhitungkan secara seksama. beruntung skrg ada kalkulator perumahan, jadi lebih mudah ya mbak buat milih rumah

  7. penting banget nih mba perhitungan yang detail dalam memilih sebuah rumah, karena sering kali terjadi pengeluaran membengkak dari budget yang disediakan, tentu saja hal ini akan membuat pusing. beruntung banget sekarang ada kalkulatornya untuk memudahkan perhitungan,

  8. Keren banget ini, jadinya lebih praktis ya untuk menghitung keuangan, jadinya bisa tau uang kita ke mana aja hehe

  9. Wah, ini menarik banget mba Rie.
    Karena milenial biasanya JAGO dapat duit, JAGO pula dalam ngabisin :D
    Jd engga tau duitnya menguap ke mana aja, wkwkwk

  10. Ngitung..ngitung.. duh langsung mumet
    Biasanya memang suka salah perhitungan, budget sekian langsung kenyataannya membengkak.
    Penting banget nih di plan, terutama buat anak2 jaman now perlu di kasih tau untuk kelak punya keluarga.

  11. Pakai kalkulator KPR jadi bisa mengukur kemampuan kita ya dalam hal pembayaran. Rumah idaman harus direncanakan sedini mungkin nih

  12. kalkulator KPR ini membantu siapapun yang ingin memiliki rumah dengan budget yang tersedia, rencana pun bisa disusun sejak awal

  13. Aku sering melihat suamiku, buka aplikasi perencanaan keuangaan saat ada konsumen menanyakan perihal KPR.

    Ada hitungannya dan memang sebaiknya sebelum membeli rumah menggunakan KPR, harus ditanyakan dulu gambarannya.

  14. Masih ada impian sih mbak untuk punya rumah di lain kota, 1 aja. Lumayan untuk staycation hehehe. Tapi belum kesampean.

  15. Buying a home is exciting, but the financing side of things can feel overwhelming!

    But, choosing among the different types of mortgage loans isn’t all that painful if you know the lingo. Once you’ve done some homework and nailed down a budget and down payment amount, and you’ve reviewed your credit, you’ll have a better idea of what loan works best for your needs.

  16. Omg.
    Im so agree with this statement:
    "Buying a house is one of the biggest staples that almost everyone does for life."

    Thats so me

  17. Memilih rumah udah kayak cari jodoh, ya. Gak bisa singkat dna cocok-cocokan. Bagus juga nih kalau ada kalkulator KPR

  18. Bener nih Mbak, kalau mau beli rumah itu banyak pertimbangannya. Gak bisa langsung milih. Dengan adanya kalkulator KPR ini sangat membantu sekali ya, bagi yang ingin memilih rumah.

  19. benar sekali mbak, pilih rumah itu sama sulitnya kayak pilih jodoh , hehe
    btw aku baru tahu ttg kalkulator perumahan, ini sangat membantu ya mbak
    agar kita bisa punya rumah sesuai budget

  20. Memang kalau mau beli rumah kita harus tau dulu kas keluar masuknya berapa. Jadi ketauan berapa biaya yang bisa kita sisihkan untuk beli rumah. Biasanya sih pinjaman itu 30% dari penghasilan yang kita terima tiap bulan.

  21. I just think to buy a house but me and my husband think to buy with cash or cash stages rater than KPR. But anyway this is a nice articel.

  22. Aku sampai sekarang termasuk yang masih hitung-hitung nih mbak untuk memeliki hunian, harus ada perencanaan ya mbak

  23. This make us easily to choose, we have to buy or only rent a house for next few years

  24. Bagus nih aplikasinya memudahkan kita mengetahui berapa dana yang harus disiapkan untuk membeli rumah idaman ya

  25. Nah asik ini kalau ada kalkulator untuk membeli rumah jadi gak perlu repot bikin oret-oretan. Karena jaman dulu beli rumah kita berbekal ngitung pakai oretan2 sendiri dan berbekal pede paling penting.

  26. Wah, ini lebih praktis ya mbk. Kalau pakai kalkulator KPR jadinya kita bisa Menghitung berapa rupiah yang harus disiapkan untuk beli rumah

  27. Semoga dengan adanya kalkulasi yang tepat, kita bisa sekaligus berinvestasi yaa..
    Meski sekarang tampak berat, tapi dengan perhitungan yang tepat menggunakan mortgage calculators, kita bisa menikmati hari tua yang nyaman di rumah impian.

  28. Wah, ada ya kalkulator KPR kayak begini. Kepengen punya rumah baru deh saya. Nyobain ngitung ah. Semoga bisa punya rumah baru. :D

  29. Dulu pas beli rumah kami juga pakai salah satu aplikasi kalkulator KPR.
    Dan memang syok yaaa kalau ngitung bunganya (terlebih untuk tenor yang panjang)
    Kalau memungkinkan, emang bagusan ga usah KPR, tapi cash atau setidaknya tunai keras (wuaaaaa....mimpi indah...jangan bully sayaaaa ^-^)

  30. Saya baru tahu kalau ada kalkulator perumahan, belum pernah nyoba😁 mau nyoba pakai, lagi nyoba pengen kpr rumah, baru cita cita 😊

  31. I know that our finance still unpredictable so we hold to buy house although any easiness from someone to get by credit.
    But we never want to buy anything by credit

  32. Wowo, it's cool. Thank you for sharing mortgage calculator, sis. It can be my guide to calculate our dream house in the future :D

  33. Jadi inget duku zaman masih kecil diajak papa mama nyari rumah, dan berkali2 nengokin banyak tempat, sampai dapat pulung rumah.


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