5 Simple Strategies for Managing Family Finances To Survive During The Covid-19 Pandemic

5 Simple Strategies for Managing Family Finances To Survive During The Covid-19 Pandemic. To maintain family financial stability, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, every family needs to apply the right strategy that suitable for their own conditions in managing daily financial cash flow.

More than 6 months after the Covid pandemic was enacted in Indonesia in particular, there is no relevant government official offices from any country that can confirm when the spread of the coronavirus will end, both in Indonesia and globally. Also, no one can predict when the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic can be overcome, which obviously takes several years to recover from the crisis that occurred due to this Covid pandemic.

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, When I was reading one of the news on BBC Indonesia, the IMF estimates that the 'economic wound' due to the global crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic is worse than expected. This pandemic event not only has an impact on health which threatens human lives but also affects almost all sectors of the economy. The occurrence of a more complex crisis and its impact spread to various sectors ranging from health to threatening financial system stability and no one knows for sure when it will end.

The implementation of health protocols and recommendations for people to do more activities from home, such as work, school, and worship as a step to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, as a result, economic activity is disrupted. 

The decrease in income (salary) and the threat of mass layoffs are serious problems that have to be faced by many families. On the other hand, the daily needs have actually increased, some unexpected needs that require a lot of funds appear by the time. If this condition is prolonged, according to predictions of experts it is very likely to trigger a world economic recession. How much terrible situation, isn’t it?

Just a little flashback about opinion's economic experts, commonly they have almost the same opinion, the covid-19 pandemic that occurred in the world already impact to the economy to be depressed and high possibility will bring a crisis that was more severe than the 2007-2008 economic crisis. 
image from pigly (edited by ririe)

Honestly, I and all of us certainly don't want the prediction of a global economic recession to become true. I think no one likes to face economic recession for any reason, right? 

So it is very important for every family to have economic resilience amid the pandemic and the threat of a possible economic recession. This means that a family as the smallest community unit as the economic support of a country must have economic immunity or resilience. 
Then what can we prepare regarding the possibility of an economic crisis due to the covid pandemic outbreak?
From several references and based on my experiences, I believe most of us can practice these 5 simple strategies to manage family finances to survive from crises caused by the Covid pandemic-19 and or other causes. Here are the way that we can apply to our daily life:

Needs Analysis: Sooner Let’s Do Sorting and Choosing Basic Needs As Well

Yesss, we have to make evaluate expenditures and cut expenditures that are not important. I guess this step is very emergency, this first point really must be taken into account because everyone's needs are different. So, only ourselves who know exactly what our needs are. Distinguish between basic needs and 'passionate' needs. 

For example is I as myself, because sometimes I still like to go crazy buying things that I really don't need, just wanna it. For me sometimes it's okay to buy something we want, but if we follow our wishes every time, it's a hassle. 
Capture from pigly

We must really realize how much we are capable of, do not let it be bigger than a pole. How is the current financial condition? Are there other resources that could be (again) optimized to serve as a source of additional income? How much is being spent each month? Are there any costs that could be saved or even stopped? I think we must really realize how much we are capable of, do not get bigger than a stake.

Be Creative And Looking For Additional Sources Of  Income

Seeking additional income can be a powerful way to ensure that our income is not reduced and that our installments can still be paid on time. Especially if because of this pandemic someone is laid off, it is obligatory to immediately get a new source of income because daily necessities cannot be eliminated or stopped.

If we are observant and alert, there are many job opportunities that we can do to increase regular income. Some of the many freelance jobs are needed during this pandemic, such as administering social media, selling crops, food, content writer, and or being a re-seller.

Debt Restructuring

Look for an installment relief program from a bank or other financial institution, such as a decrease in interest or an additional installment period. Consider covering a consumptive installment. For example, if you currently work more from home, you can stop car payments. You can also get money from over credit or sales of the car.

Avoid using credit cards and shop less online

Avoid using credit cards or online shopping that are paid for at a later date because this can make your shopping appetite increase, we feel free to buy this and that and pay it later.  When shopping, we feel relaxed buying various items. Even though this habit can be a poison that destroys the balance of the family's cash flow. 

Make notes of all expenses that occur, both large and small expenses. Even though there is a big discount, still refrain if the discounted item is secondary or not a basic necessity.

Do saving for Emergency Fund and Allocating protection funds. 

Prepare to secure finances at a later date. Even in crisis conditions, as much as possible do not delete posts for long-term interests. Prepare enough emergency funds, at least for 3 until 6  monthly income. Having life insurance is very important, at a time when we are required to remain productive in the midst of this pandemic. Especially if there is a family who depends on you financially. Whether it's a spouse, parent's child, or sibling. 
Emergency funds or emergency funds must be enlarged. investment or financial products that can be accessed or disbursed easily. This emergency fund can be in the form of savings, precious metals and other financial products that are easy and fast to disburse when we need it.

By the way, talking about Emergency Funds and regarding the provision of Emergency funds, how to provide emergency funds can be read directly on forbes.com. Even if we don't currently have an emergency fund allocation, we can immediately start saving some of the money we have at the present, even though the amount may still be small.

When we receive the unpredictable fund, such as receiving a bonus, 13th salary, or get other surprise income, we can put the money into an emergency fund account.

In addition to the 5 strategies for managing finances in order to survive the crisis due to the Covid1-9 pandemic above, of course, there are many other strategies that can be chosen and used, according to their respective conditions.
Whatever strategy is carried out to manage finances in order to survive when an economic crisis occurs, it has the same key, namely a strong will, focus and discipline to implement the strategies we have designed so that our financial condition has solid resilience.
To make it easier to implement a family financial management strategy, it is highly recommended to use the CALCULATOR tool so that the calculation and mapping of financial planning can be more optimal and have maximum results.

Discussing the calculator, what I mean here is the calculator application available at Pigly.com. By using the tools from pigly dot com, then we can manage family finances more systematically so that we can allocate funds for emergencies (saving or investing), the calculation of financial cash flow must be careful and thorough.
Some of Calculators type at pigly dot com
For this purpose, there are many types of calculators at pigly dot com that designed specifically for each type of financial management. All types of calculators organized according to the main category and subcategory within each category. 
More than 50 types of calculators that we can choose according to our needs, some of which are: Budget Calculators, Savings Calculators, Investment Calculators, Retirement Calculators, Loan Calculators, Credit Card Calculators, Automotive Debt Calculators, Business Calculators, and many other types of calculators. others, including calculators for our children's school needs. The great news is, We can use all the types of calculator application at pigly.com FOR FREE totally !
One of a kind calculator that makes me fall in love, at first sight, is SAVINGS CALCULATORS with the subcategory BASIC SAVINGS.

How to use this basic savings calculator is very easy, just enter the nominal value we want saving in all the available columns, then we click CALCULATE, we can automatically see the estimated value of our savings after a number of years (time period) in the future.

For example, I entered the optional initial investment number 100, with a nominal saving routine I chose a period of 50 each month and an annual interest rate (APR%) of 3%. Fyi, for this saving period there are options: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.).
Type of Basic Saving Calculator

After all the fields have been completed, then I clicked calculate, the value of my savings for 10 years was $ 10,615.54 (deposit amount was $ 9,100 and Interest earn was $ 1,515.54).

Besides trying to use the Basic Savings calculator, I also interested in the Savings Goal Calculator. This calculator is used to find out how much deposit I should make regularly if I have a goal of having a savings fund of $ 10,000 in the next 10 years.

After I entered a savings goal that I wanted to target in the next 10 years, it turned out that every month I had to be disciplined in saving $ 73.05.
Type of Saving Goal Calculator

So, I'm sure the calculators on pigly.com can be used as a tool in managing family finances so that financial cash flow will be safe and secure for the long term.

At least but not the last, 
(also kindly remind myself) when normal conditions require careful financial management, especially during a pandemic or crisis situation as it is now, absolutely we have to be even more careful. Selecting and sorting items that are needed, and more seriously allocating income to an emergency fund account. 

Once again, to make planning and managing family finances easier, we can try to use the calculator on pigly.com. Just choose one or more types of calculators from Piggly that propper with your needs, then let's see how helpful the calculator app from pigly

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  1. Hopefully, we can survive during in pandemic situation. Really wish, everything gonna be okay sooner

  2. This pandemic hits very hard for some people. We are not in the same boat, and we should hang on for the next 6 months, or maybe 1 year? We just never know. So it's very important to manage family finances well.

  3. This application looks interesting especially because the calculator is free. The name was derivated from "piggy bank", I guess? But turns out it doesn't only offer savings-related things.

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    1. Memang pandemi ini banyak membawa dampak terutama keuangan ya. Ya Allah semoga lekas berakhir

  5. During this pandemic, we must be able to survive financially. Fortunately, there are applications like Pigly.com that can help manage household finances so that they are more organized at times like now.

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    Very helpful in managing family finances

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    Kebayang gimana enaknya nulis artikel berbahasa Inggris gini..jangkauan pembacanya jadi lebih luas :)

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  22. I try to survive with everything I can
    Financial is really wamt me to struggling more and more in this pandemic
    How deep to take a breath

  23. It's very important to set our priority on this pandemic. If possible, we can try to get additional income to support our daily needs.

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  25. Masalah pengaturan keuangan memang susah susah gampang sekarang ini, apalagi musimnya yang cukup memasuki era tantangan lebih diwajibkan kondisi belajar bersyukur melihat keadaan sekitarnya di masa pandemi sekarang ini. Semoga semua cepat berlalu.

  26. I told my kids to keep what we have already had with care, fix as many as we can, avoid buying new things if possible. I think that is another way to be safe during pandemic.

  27. Saat pandemi ini harus tetap survive dengan kondisi keuangan yang ada, dan yg terpenting harus utamakan kesehatan selalu,, GANBATE


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