When a new days begins...

It took so long pending since I made promise by myself to create this: little bit of Me..

So today it gets fulfilled, here is what I think then write it....It has been a pleasure for me to have known I can still write after long time no progress to share like in this my blog. I can tell with supreme confidence that it has really been wonderful feeling and experience knowing me Myself do write even not good enough, more over in English. I really confess My English such a poor after many years going through.

Well, Here we go..... I am a person like the others who fight in winning by love and affection. I do believe in “giving” first and then try not expecting from the person opposite me. I’ll make it in my nature…even not easy any way. I suppose that everyone will always like those who are less of jealous and more of praises for others and are helpful & hopeful/optimist in nature.. Hope that The way I am. It’s not only brings happiness to me but fills me with immense pride that I wanna intend to .. apart from being a nice person…isn’t it right?

It brings me an immense pleasure when I can give favor to anybody and I love it from my core of heart. It will brings me sense of honor and joyful if I can render some help/assistance to others, feel very happy & contented with myself if I can make anybody smile and feel good and happy…The fact, some times without any purpose I made some one laid down and the most painful in unpredictable I made dissapoint so many people arround me or even their tears drop because of Me. I really never imagine in any second, My Mom’s will crying and sadness by me, her lovely daughter.

Maybe I will need more time and hard effort again to paint more happy for my beloved people so that I do things accordingly…However I will not let any one feel/become sad..that’s for sure. I’m very sure GOD give me the ability to make people happy and comfortable… As well I can do....

GOD has been very kind to me in this life, I can proudly say that I’m one of the luckiest women on this earth.. Having great parents especially my mom, tenderness sisters and brothers, wonderful friends who are more of critics than more saying ‘yes’ or just asking (no solution), tremendeous and inspiring environment ...all above by the mercy of God/Allah Ta’ala.

All my wishes have been materialized without crying for them, spending time with love to read, write, listen music and also a simply travel. Well, basically I’m very widely and vividly traveled all around the world and will continue to do so against all odds but still running on my minds till this presents. It’s Okay, at least I do have it on by the time.

At eventually meet peoples out there who really kind and very friendly however when I belong in stranger area and or place. It gives me exposure to different cultures and languages but still can understanding each other as human being. I do hope can talk on almost any subject, meet any person on this earth and interact confidently in any environment and live in any situation... sit, eat & sleep with poorest of poor and make him happy and feel as if I’m part of his system ( like day dreaming, isn’t it? ). All of hopes, plans, efforts, has been possible due to Allah’s/God’s blessings and I'll never incomplete without you all….

All I have achieved in my life and will achieve further In any case this is what I’m..that I do have so many a millions weaknesses.. cause I’m still getting impatient loosing temper at times even though I have patience in abundance sometimes lack of persuing things till end…

Laziness have started learning to keep things tidier..
though I keep things in satisfactory manner 
but need improvement…
by the time during a whole in my life.

So don’t get carried away, take care with lots of love and affection. Hope you always enjoy reading my Blog and all of these take carefully too...


Learning edition, So please never mind if there is so many mistake or overlapping of the words/grammatical....See, how poor my skill in English #Maluuuu

Ririe Khayan

Assalamulaikum. Hi I am Ririe Khayan a Lifestyle Blogger and live in Jogya. I’m the Author Of Kidung Kinanthi, a Personal Blog about my random thought, parenting, traveling, lifestyle, & other activity as well as Personal & Working Mom Story. Kindly feel free to contact me at: ririekhayan(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. hmm,, kalau sdh pake bahasa yg begini ni, langsung bingung mau komen apa,,dont worry be happy aja dech,,,hehe :)

  2. spiriiit mbak .. ^^

  3. @Chilfia Karunianty : yups, let's spirit lift up brighter day by day...tenkyu dah mampir ke
    kidung kinanthi yaa

  4. I also don't know what to say nih mas Amri.... confuse with the long paragraphs... need 'kamus' and time to sit well to read slowly the articles...

    but... this is good Rie... keep the spirit and the mood to write in the language yaa.. :)

    visit my english blog as well :


    promosi meneh iki mah! hehe

  5. @alaika abdullah: Long paragraphs with a lot of 'asal nulis' then make confuse to readi it....sorry, still learni and learn sist. Thx for the spirit and supports..

  6. hehe.... harus itu Rie... we will learn and learn sampai akhir hayat dikandung badan toh? bahasa inggrisnya opo iki yo? :)

  7. walaupun tergopoh gopoh membacanya, tapi saya menikmati kok, tenang saja selagi ada google translate, spirit ... :D

  8. @alaika abdullah:SEpanjang hayat di kandung badan #buka kamu dulu..
    ~ learn and learn Untill the last breath....wkwkwkk

  9. @Stupid monkey: WEiii, jangan tergopoh-gopoh nti kesedak...#Lhoh?


  10. @Stupid monkey: Lha kemarin pisang satu tandan tuh yg ngabisin bukannya dikau ya? Atau teman-temannya kaliiii...#tiarap

  11. wew, kaya wamil, pake tiarap #bingung

  12. @Stupid monkey: Tiarap biar gak kena lemparan kulit pisang kok...wamil mah lewat

  13. lagian siapa yg lempar #terbang

  14. @Stupid monkey: # tengok kanan-kiri...

    Lho gak ada yg lempar tho? wah tiwas belepotan lumpur saking semangatnya utk segera tiarap...hahahahaa

  15. wah bisa bahasa inggris juga ternyata mbak ririe...


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