Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Prolog: I choose this movie because I love this kind of movie (adventure combine with science) and I like the acting of the main actor: Brendan Fraser. And the other reason, this review is a home work when I’m on short course at Bandung, about a year ago.

Ceritanya, review rasa resensi atau ringksan ini saya buat karena dikasih tugas oleh Widya Iswara untuk mata diklat Bahasa Inggris. Beliau memberikan tugas kepada kami untuk praktek membuat review film dalam bentuk Bahasa Inggris. Tak ada alasan untuk menghindar, ya seperti inilah hasilnya ala-ala amburadul dan mungkin gak nyambung antar kalimat/paragrafnya. Mohon dimaklumi ya, daripada tersimpan nganggur di file laptop boleh kan ya kalau saya posting, luamayan nambahin psotingan yang kian hari masih belum ada peningkatan ritme ngeblog ini. Here is the tulisan riview rasa gado-gado ala kadarnya:

In this movie, The Main Actors are Brendan Fraser  as Professor Trevor,  Josh Hutcherson as Sean (The Nephew of Professor Trevor) and Anita Briem as Hannah

This movie tells the story of Trevor, whose scientist brother, Max that disappeared during a volcano expedition 10 years earlier. Trevor’s work at the university has been based on his brother’s theories on seismic activity and volcanic unrest but the funding is about to be pulled out from under him.

Trevor Frustrated and returns to his disheveled home only to find out that his nephew (Sean), Max’s son, has arrived for a two-week visit. While going through a box of Max’s belongings, the two discover a well-worn copy of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. The book contains Max’s scientific notes in the margins. Trevor realizes that his brother was a “Vernian,” someone who seeks to prove that the book by Jules Verne is based on a true story. Trevor and Sean set out to discover what Max discovered and to vindicate his life long research.
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Sean and Trevor head to Iceland in search of a fellow Vernian, an older scientist whose name Max had written in the book. When Sean and Trevor locate the man’s address, they find his daughter, Hannah, who works as a guide through the dangerous Icelandic volcanic terrain. Then Trevor hires Hannah to lead them to the volcanic area that where Max left a seismic sensor.

A storm breaks out and they trapped in a cave. While looking for a way out, they accidentally delve deeper into the earth and encounter fanciful creatures that they must battle to make it to the center. Once Trevor, Sean and Hannah arrive at the center, they get a surprise. Then, they tried to find clues how to get back to the top of the earth.
Along the way, they find evidence that someone had been there a hundred years ago. Trevor remarks that some instruments found are Lidenbrock's (the name of a character in Jules Verne's book Journey to the Center of the Earth). This suggests that another group had previously made the journey, somehow returned to the surface of the earth and recounted the tale of their adventure to Verne. They find some of Max's things as well. Hannah discovers Max's body while Trevor and Sean are examining what they have found. They bury Max on the beach of the underground ocean. Trevor reads a letter that found in Max's journal, to Sean. Trevor discovers that his brother died due to dehydration because of hot magma surrounding the center of the Earth.

Using the information from Max's journal, Trevor determines that they must find a geyser that can send them to the surface of the earth before the temperature rises to 200 °F. Further, they must reach the geyser within 48 hours or the water for the geyser will have evaporated. They build a raft together and begin crossing the underground ocean, but soon encounter a pack of Xiphactinus. They use make shift clubs to bat them away, then a shoal of Elasmosaurus attacks the Xiphactinus, allowing they escape from there. The raft's sail becomes loose. Sean tries to hold on but is blown away and he separated from his uncle and Hannah.

A little bird guides Sean towards to the river. AT meanwhile, Trevor and Hannah decide to take a rest but they are attacked by carnivorous plants. Hannah is captured and being strangled by the plants. Trevor defeats the plant that is holding Hannah by the neck, and they continue towards to the geyser.

When Trevor and Hannah arrive at the river, Trevor calls out to Sean but no response. Trevor says he is going to look for Sean and tells Hannah that she should continue on to the geyser and save herself. At meanwhile, Sean has entered an arid, bone-filled land. He hears roars, looks up and sees a Giganotosaurus coming after him. Fortunately, Trevor saves him. When Trevor and Sean get to a river, they find Hannah sailing a boat fashioned from a Tyrannosaurus skull. Finally, Trevor, Sean and Hannah sail to a volcano with magma rising in its crater but they are too late because the water needed for the geyser has evaporated.

Sean notices that the crater walls are wet. Trevor hears water flowing on the other side of the walls and sees that the crater walls contain magnesium. After Trevor uses a flare to ignite the magnesium, a geyser shoots them up and out of the Center of the Earth. They emerge from the volcano. When they fall, they accidentally destroy some of the vines in a vineyard. To make amends with the vineyard's farmer, Sean gives the farmer a diamond that he found while in the center of the Earth. Trevor sees that Sean has many diamonds in his backpack.

Trevor later uses diamonds to fund his brother's laboratory. During the adventure, Hannah and Trevor gradually become closer. After the adventure, Sean visits Trevor and Hannah in their new home purchased using some of the diamonds Sean took from the cave. 

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a fantastic family adventure movie with many visual surprises. The characters find at the center of the earth are beautiful, awe-inspiring and augmented with the 3-D effect which makes it appear more lifelike. 

Overall, It’s very fun to wacthing this movie with kids but necessary to be attention that some scary scenes and strange creatures require caution extra for children.

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