Now It’s Possible to Measure Your Event

Back in the days if we want to know how much of the crowd are coming to our event, the only way to know it is by one by one collecting the tickets of that taken at the entrance gate of the event. Not to mention when there were people who trespass the event, we wouldn’t notice them because on that time that was obviously out of our control.  Then by the end of the event we got so confused by how much we earned from the crowd.

Well Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim then that was a traditional face of the event management industry. The innovation of technology also getting to the industry. As many talked on the massive use of event software at the event music festivals on Europe and USA, the trend also taken Asia market in. The tech changes the face of the industry in much better way.
Pengontrol Event

PouchNation as the leading in the event management in South East Asia, riding the wave on the market to bring the tech. Introducing NFC (near field communication) system in a form of a wristband, PouchNation ready to face the challenge.

NFC wristband giving solutions not only for the crowd measurement, going miles ahead it could give us a result data that we dare not to imagine back in the years. From access control, customer analytics to sponsor/ partnership benefits.

Teknologi NFC untuk Pengontrol Event
Gelang dengan Teknologi NFC 

The system makes us possible to track the engagement and whole activity every person in the event venue. From the second he enters the gate to the time he left the venue, but after show analytics also could be track from the engagement of their social media that previously being connected through the wristband. 

The data not only could be used to by the organizers to make a better one next year but also to make a better pitch to sponsor because the data is real time and they would be pleased to get it!


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